Welcome fellow gun owners!

This site has been designed for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm to protect yourself and your family from the callous attack of a violent felon at or outside home.
Our mission is:

“To encourage the lawful carry of firearms for the protection of oneself, one’s family and the community.”

We all know the basic rules of self defense..




Our ultimate concern, and the reason we carry a firearm is to protect ourselves and our families.
But we also need to understand very clearly that there WILL be serious, life-changing consequences if we decide to fire our weapon!
We have to make the smartest, wisest decision possible in a fraction of a second.

If at all possible, AVOID the situation.
Then ESCAPE and get out of there immediately.
Only if you have no choice and are unable to avoid or escape.. your only choice then is to DEFEND!

So how will you know if the only choice is to DEFEND yourself/your family with force?


The three elements of a successful self-defense argument are: ability, opportunity, and intent.

In order to be found not guilty of assault or murder after self-defense, you must persuade judge and jury that:
(1) The person you shot had the power to kill you (ability).
(2) The person was close enough to kill you (opportunity).
(3) The person wanted to kill, rape, or rob you (intent)

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Thanks for visiting us and stay safe!
Steve Essakow